The Band

GET TO KNOW Green Beaks

Green Beaks is a German rock band, founded in 2011 by Maximilian Boehm, Felix Neumann and Bastian Schulz in Prem (Bavaria).

The band combines elements from modern rock and melodic film music (according to Stormbringer Magazine, 2020). They use genre-typical instruments such as electric guitars, keyboards and drums in combination with strings, brass and traditional ethnic instruments. The results are "Catchy Refrains, and dirty guitar riffs" (according to SPH MusicMasters on Green Beaks, 2015) and sometimes very orchestral songs that are more reminiscent of a film score than a classic rock song.

At the age of 17, Green Beaks entered the southern Germany final of the world's largest band competition and convinced the jury with “impressively conclusive songwriting” (according to the Emergenza Band Contest Jury about Green Beaks, 2016). The debut album "Echoes" was released in March 2019. Shortly after that the singles "Yang Qin" (2019) and "Scars" (2019) provided initial insights into the style of the new album. With their latest single "Romeo & Juliet" (2020) Green Beaks released a song "full of dynamics, which makes listening a versatile experience. What’s new is […] an increased intensity and emotional range, which expresses itself musically as well as vocally and makes people curious about what Green Beaks have created with their second album.” (HELLFIRE Magazine about Green Beaks, 2020).